Penny Hutner Interior Design
      Integrated design.
      Contemporary luxury.
      We practice integrated interior design. We transform a house into a home and an office into a productive environment. We love working with architects and being an integral part of the design-build team from the project’s inception. This enables us to offer the best possible range of outcomes to the client.

      We are unapologetically luxury. To us, luxury has many flavors and we work very closely with the clients to create the perfect living and working environments for them. We are at the forefront of contemporary design aesthetics and technology as well as keenly attuned to the changing realities of life and work.
      Penny Hutner
      Penny Hutner
      Penny Hutner is a maverick designer and a successful businesswoman. She has completed major residential and commercial projects in the Hamptons, Manhattan, Long Island, Colorado and Florida.

      Interior design has been her passion for most of her life and she’s not only a seasoned designer but also a walking encyclopedia of design resources. There's no formulaic approach. Each project is a unique search for the most thrilling and often unexpected design that has as much to do with the aesthetic and experiential qualities of colors, forms, light, materials and textures as with space planning, ergonomics and technology.

      But in the end it’s all about the client to whom she considers herself a trusted advisor.
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